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The Best Of The Bodybuilding Training Gyms In Pretoria

Bodybuilding requires a holistic approach that encompasses many elements.  There are very few dedicated bodybuilding training gyms in Pretoria that perform on all bases, offering you carefully researched training programmes and routines, expert advice, a body of knowledge consisting of like-minded bodybuilders and a special emphasis on the correct diet, nutritional supplements and the like.  Bodybuilding training gyms in Pretoria should not be confused with the normal type of gym where few of these services are offered and the emphasis is squarely on fitness and “recreational” training.

These normal training gyms in Pretoria are sufficient for people who simply want to stay active and improve their general condition, but they are wholly unsatisfactory for the serious bodybuilder who would like to mingle with other, like-minded bodybuilders (and be exposed to their advice and experience) and require specialist bodybuilding advice, training programmes and nutritional regimes.  BodyGuru Gym in Montana, Pretoria, is unique among the training gyms in Pretoria in that if offers the perfect meeting and training venue for serious bodybuilders.

Many bodybuilders are professionals with full-day jobs and they realise that time is money and that their time spent in the gym should be used to their best advantage.  They feel that traditional training gyms in Pretoria waste their time and frequently, these are so oversubscribed that they have to stand in queues to get access to equipment in peak times.  Nor do these gyms offer the specialist help and advice they need.  At BodyGuru, bodybuilders train together, swop advice and benefit from the programmes, advice and nutritional knowledge of bodybuilder Hennie Kotze (a specialist bodybuilding trainer).

If you feel that your money and time is being wasted by also-ran training gyms in Pretoria, enquire at BodyGuru today and get started on a focused bodybuilding programme with the experts.  For more information, please contact us today.


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Keeping fit is not just a fad - it's a way of life.

Nutrition also plays a major role in strength training. Your diet and bodybuilding supplements have to be regulated and carefully planned out.

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Training Schedule

Throughout my bodybuilding career I would say a big challenge for me was to prove that conditioning rules and not size.

I train 5 to 6 days per week. I prefer to train 1 muscle group per day and I totally exhaust that group with 4 - 5 exercises.

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Hennie Kotze would like to thank all his sponsors for their support over the years.

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