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Not All Gym Workout Programs Are Created Equal

All gym workout programs are not alike and it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.  Many gym workout programs focus mainly on fitness training and are offered by virtually all gyms in South Africa.  These gyms are intended for a wide cross section of gym members that merely want to improve their general health by working up a sweat a few times per week.  A bodybuilding gym is completely different and in similar vein, bodybuilding gym workout programs are very specialised.

Bodybuilding is not a casual pursuit and requires dedication, hard work and carefully thought-out gym workout programs.  Different to a normal program, a bodybuilding program focuses on a very high intensity of training using the heaviest weights you can muster within your physical limits.  A good training program focuses on certain muscle groups and aims to totally exhaust them before moving on to the next group.  Day One of a good bodybuilding program may focus on hamstrings and calves in a combination of working and drop sets.

Bodybuilding gym workout programs do not cover too many muscle groups per day, or these muscles would not be extended to their maximum ability.  So, a typical Day Two may major on abs and chest muscles only; Day Three on the back muscles and again the calves; Day Four on shoulders and again abs, Day Five on triceps, biceps and calves and Day Six on hamstrings only.  The seventh day is for rest and recuperation.  Your program should continue unabated for six to eight weeks, after which you take a break from training and adapt your program with new training principles.

Of course, gym workout programs should work in conjunction with a carefully planned nutritional regime and the appropriate supplements should be taken in the correct combinations and as part of a healthy diet to maximise your bodybuilding results.  For specialist bodybuilding help, advice and nutritional products, talk to the professionals at BodyGuru Gym in Montana, Pretoria.  Contact us.


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