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SSN Products Used By Bodybuilders

Well-known and reputable bodybuilders rely on SSN products as supplements to their diets. SSN products have been associated with top bodybuilding competitions over the years.

Some of the SSN bodybuilding products are briefly discussed below to give you an indication of why bodybuilders such as Hennie Kotze recommend and use their supplements.


The SSN product has been developed specifically to improve muscle strength and aid in ensuring restful sleep for optimal tissue repair. It boosts testosterone and anabolic hormone formation. Mineral deficiencies cause body loss in bodybuilders training for completion. The ZMA is one of the SSN products which help to ensure adequate anabolic mineral levels in the body, especially Vitamin B6 responsible for tissue repair by means of promoting excellent sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause slow muscle tissue recovery, which in turn will hinder muscle growth.

Joint Support Complex

Another one of the recommended SSN products, the Joint Support Complex, promotes joint health and regeneration of lubrication for the joints and thereby helping to reduce joint pains and forms of inflation. The SSN joint health product contains glucosamine sulphate which helps to rebuild the joints and ensure adequate lubrication.


It is an SSN product that contains essential Omega 3&6 fatty acids. EFA contains a special combination of Borage, Fish, Safflower, and Flax oils to ensure adequate fatty acid support. With Omega 3&6 present in the body cells responsible for regulation of bodily functions, it is essential to supplement with additional Omega 3&6 to ensure optimal fat metabolism and joint flexibility as well as nervous system health. Most diets today don’t contain enough fatty acids which lead to severe deficiencies and thus limitation of physical and mental health.

SSN products have been well tested and used over the years. Consistent proven results have made the SSN bodybuilding supplemental products the choice supplement brand amongst bodybuilders. Contact us to enquire about their products today.


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