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Bodybuilding In South Africa Considerations

If you want to start bodybuilding in South Africa then you need to take note of a few important notices by the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) to ensure that when you start competing in bodybuilding competitions, you do so within the specific association’s rules. One of the important notices is that anyone who wants to compete and affiliate to the federation may not be a holder of a pro card from another bodybuilding federation. Most of the federations overseeing bodybuilding in South Africa have the same regulation regarding such. Another recent announcement of the IFBB shows that rub off type tan may not be used at the various world championships organised by the federation.

Judging from the above, bodybuilding in South Africa, as elsewhere, is well regulated. Athletes wishing to compete on regional, national, and international level should join a federation and ensure that they understand the federation rules. Training should be done according to the requirements of the specific federation.

Anyone who plans to compete should research what the minimum requirements are for each competition, money to be paid, the various points which are judged and what will surely get a person disqualified. Only once you understand the rules of bodybuilding in South Africa should you begin to compete.

To ensure that training is not in vain, join one of the many bodybuilder associations and enrol in a bodybuilding training course where you will learn about the diets, minimum requirements, means to enrolment for competitions and what the standards are. In addition you will get goal orientated training. Doing bodybuilding workouts randomly without a specific goal and plan can be more than just a waste of time and energy. It can cause injuries, lower motivation because of mediocre results and even cause harm to your health. First get advice from experts regarding bodybuilding in South Africa and ensure that you start the process the right way.

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