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Useful Bodybuilding Training Program Tips for Bulking

In body building like most other things how much you put in will determine how much you get out. This is true, but over doing it will not help and may be harmful to your health. Below are a few bodybuilding training program tips that will help you gain the muscle you desire.

Set a bodybuilding training program which requires a lot of lifting. Lift heavy since for you to gain muscle, you need to show your body that is doesn’t have enough of it already. To gain muscle you first have to break muscle. It sounds strange, but it’s true. Your muscles consist of many little fibres and to bulk up you need to break some of these fibres for your body to grow more in a sort of defence mechanism to protect the area under stress.

Rest enough as this will give you and your body time to recover. Don’t rest for too long or your body will go back to the way it was before you started with the bodybuilding training program.

Bodybuilding Training Program - Time For The Beginner

Limit the time of your workouts to not go beyond 75 minutes in the beginning as you won’t be gaining muscle or burning fat at the same pace after that. A 60 minutes workout has been proven to be the best length for the beginner. Limit the rest between sets of lifting to 90 seconds so your body doesn’t cool down and you risk damaging your muscles if you start again. Shorter breaks between sets will help you get in everything you want in the 60 minutes.

Remember your warm-up and cool down as this is extremely important to help protect your body from unnecessary stress. Last but not least eat well; this is also very important to the success of your bodybuilding training programs because if you don’t have any nutrients to put into new muscle your body will simply not build muscle.

These tips should put you on the right track to building the muscle and bulk you really want. Stay motivated and you will pick the fruits of your hard work. Contact Hennie Kotze to join his bodybuilding and training program.


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Nutrition also plays a major role in strength training. Your diet and bodybuilding supplements have to be regulated and carefully planned out.

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Training Schedule

Throughout my bodybuilding career I would say a big challenge for me was to prove that conditioning rules and not size.

I train 5 to 6 days per week. I prefer to train 1 muscle group per day and I totally exhaust that group with 4 - 5 exercises.

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