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The Basics Of Bodybuilder Workouts & Routines

The basics of bodybuilder workouts aren’t rocket science, but it is vital that you know them as a basis from where you would build your entire workout routine later.

A workout routine consists of how many sets of what exercises you do and how many reps you do of each exercise. Splits in a bodybuilder workout routine are when you split up your workout as to not overwork yourself. These splits are important and will help keep you and your body from quitting half way through.

There are a number of factors that influence a bodybuilder workout and the results that you would finally get from it such as when you do what exercises and how you split your workout. These factors may influence each person in a unique way because every person’s body is different, but there is a base line from which you can work and what you can expect.

A good diet is vital to your success and will help ease your bodybuilder workouts as well as help tremendously with the results you will get from your workout. Eat a small snack every 2 to 3 hours.  This is because your body can only absorb a certain amount of nutrition with each meal and you want to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

When you put together your bodybuilder workouts it is important that you know what you plan on gaining from the workouts to determine what needs to go into each session. Different exercises as well as your schedule and the intensity of your training will be deciding factors on the end results.

With this in mind write down exactly what you plan on gaining from these bodybuilder workouts and work from there. Work hard and don’t stray from what you have set out to do because every time you get lazy and miss a workout will affect your progress immensely.

These are just the basics of a bodybuilder workout routine and alone won’t do you much good so do your research on what you plan on gaining and what exactly you should do to get there. The final tip is to contact Hennie Kotze for professional advice and to join his training program.


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