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Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Definition

If you are looking to gain definition then a proper bodybuilding diet focused on fat loss should be the priority. A few bodybuilding diet tips are shared below to steer you in the right direction.

Bodybuilding Diet - Eat Several Times A Day

Rather than eating three main meals a day, you may want to eat smaller portions up to six times a day. It will help to minimize cravings and improve your metabolism. By following a bodybuilding diet with six servings a day you will also obtain more balanced blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrates Intake As Part Of A Bodybuilding Diet

You need the right amount of carbohydrates a day. You can calculate such by multiplying your fat free bodyweight by 0.8 to get the total of carbohydrates in grams which should be consumed daily. Divide the number by six to get the totals required for every meal if following a six serving’s bodybuilding diet and by three if following three servings a day bodybuilding diet. The best carbohydrates for lean bodybuilding will be brown rice and oatmeal for the pre-workout meals while for post-workout meals you will want to focus on glycemic carbs.

Protein In The Bodybuilding Diet

To calculate the protein requirements you will multiply the bodyweight with 1.2 and divide the total by six for the grams needed per serving. Keep to lean meats such as white fish, chicken and turkey. You can have two or three protein shakes instead of meals through the day. For port workout meals you should have a meal that includes whey protein power.

Healthy Fats In The Bodybuilding Diet

You need the essential fats for muscle protection. Without such you risk injury and will not have enough energy. Include flaxseed oil in your pre-workout meals.

You will find a fully worked out bodybuilding diet for gaining of lean body mass at our website. For more advice and fully worked out eating plans contact Hennie Kotze for training assistance today.


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