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Overview Of The International Federation Of Bodybuilders

The International Federation of Bodybuilders was established by Joe and Ben Weider in 1946. The federation has since then grown to its current international status and has hosted numerous international level championships. Ben Weider was the IFBB President for the first 60 years of the federation’s existence. The current president of the federation is Dr. Rafael Santonja from Spain.

The International Federation of Bodybuilders better known as the IFBB is a non-profit organisation with as many as 182 affiliated National Federations including IFBB South Africa. The federation organizes as many as 2500 competitions worldwide every year on all levels including:

The International Federation of Bodybuilders is recognized by no fewer than 90 of the National Olympic Committees, making it one of the most recognized bodybuilding and fitness federations in the world. The federation is a participant in several of the IOC Regional Games including the Arab Games, Central American Games, South American Beach Games, African Games, Pan American and the World Games.

The prestigious International Federation of Bodybuilders is a member of the European Games as well as the General Association of International Sports Federations, and the Pan American Sport Confederation. Recognized by the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, a signatory to the WADA Code and founding member of the International World Games Association, the IFBB is a truly committed and well recognized federation.

The IFBB is instrumental in the development of bodybuilding and the support thereof amongst youngsters throughout the world. The federation is committed to the development of anti-aging lifestyles through balanced exercising, eating, and lifestyle patterns. Athletes choosing to participate within the boundaries of the International Federation of Bodybuilders have the opportunity to work towards and reaching their fitness and bodybuilding goals on various levels. Contact Hennie Kotze as an IFBB Pro to help you reach your personal training goals.


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