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IFBB Fitness For Women

The IFBB Fitness competitions are just as strict as are the bodybuilding division competitions. The general assessments and some of the rules used in judgement of IFBB fitness for ladies are briefly explained below.

The first round of IFBB fitness for women normally entails a routine round and the second a quarter turn round. Participants in these divisions must be fit and they should also be athletic. Specific poses must be performed at the quarter turns. In terms of the free routine a time setting of 90 seconds applies.

Regarding the divisions one can expect a division for up to and including 163 cm in height and one for over the specific height. This applies to the junior as well as the senior divisions. The routine round always comes first since it is easier for the participants to perform without the tan and there will also be no risk of the tan staining the stage.  It also minimizes the risk of the tan staining the clothing of the participant.

For the first round there are specific movements which must be included in the routine including:

The quarter turns in IFBB fitness for women are performed in the same style. Overall image is also judged such as confidence, level of grace and poise. Assessments normally start at the head and then down to the toes. Refined muscle building is judged and the calf is assessed for balance with the leg and thigh bicep. No additional body fat must be present.

The above pointers are only introductory to the IFBB fitness standards for women participants in competitions. Contact Hennie Kotze for a complete training program that will ensure that you will be well prepared for the IFBB competitions and will meet all the requirements for participants.


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