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IFBB Bodybuilding Training Requirements

Deserving athletes can apply for the IFBB Pro Card or may be invited by the IFBB bodybuilding scouts at various competitions for further IFBB bodybuilding training to obtain their IFBB Pro Card Status.

The following points should be focus points in one’s IFBB Bodybuilding goals if a person hopes to obtain the prestigious IFBB Pro Status, as Hennie Kotze has done recently.


Athletes may not be affiliated to any other bodybuilding federation, may not compete in any such competitions, partake as a guest or participate in any other federation shows for a period of two consecutive years. During this period the athletes may only compete in IFBB bodybuilding competitions.

The athletes wishing to compete for the IFBB bodybuilding prestigious status of IFBB Pro must participate in at least one local show hosted annually in their province. The show must be part of the shows leading up to the provincial and eventually also the national championships. In addition the athletes must also partake in the IFBB Provincial Championships as well as the IFBB National Championships in both the years of preparation. They need to be placed first in their particular divisions at least once at the IFBB National Championships during the two year period.

It is to the athlete’s benefit to be crowned overall champion at least once at any major national show or the IFBB SA National Championships during the two years although it is not one of the requirements. Finally athletes competing for the Pro Status must have represented IFBB SA at any one of the IFBB World Championships. It is a requirement that the athletes also must have been placed in the top ten for this during the two year timeframe.

From the above information it can be seen that the requirements for the IFBB bodybuilding Pro Status are strict. To obtain the status is prestigious and entails hard work and the correct training. Contact Hennie Kotze as one of the athletes who has reached the status to help you develop the correct training and eating plan.


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