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The Ultimate Bodybuilding Nutrition Guide

You should consult an expert to assist you with a bodybuilding nutrition regime to help you get the most out of your bodybuilding training programme.  It is important that your intake includes the right foods and supplements to optimise your muscle building and fat loss aspirations.  A bodybuilder requires a lot of nutrients to recover between workouts and to assist the muscles in repairing themselves.  Most bodybuilders alternate between two diets: the off-season diet and the pre-contest diet.

Getting the Diet Right

Your bodybuilding and dietary expert will assist you with a detailed eating plan, but all the bodybuilding nutrition basics remain and bear mention here:

The Off-Season Meal Plan

Bodybuilders eat frequently and you would have to get used to starting before 04h00 in the morning.  The first small meal may consist of a protein shake, glutamine powder and Vitamin C and E supplements.  By 04h30, you would have oats and muesli and a supplement pack consisting of Vitamin C and B complex, Zinc, Calcium, Flax and SSN Products' EFA supplement.  By 07h30, you would take your anabolic muscle builder and by 10h00, you would have a potato, some lean mince and a banana.  The 12h00 meal may consist of basmati rice, chicken breasts, a banana and a Vitamin C supplement.  The next meal would be your pre-workout meal at 14h00, comprising Taurine, Vitamins C and E, BCAA powder, N.O. Crea-Pump and glutamine powder.

As you can see, your bodybuilding nutrition is extremely important and has to be very well-planned: you have already had six small meals before your workout.  Once your workout is over, your would have your first post-workout meal at 15h30, which would almost exactly mirror your pre-workout meal; a second post-workout anabolic muscle builder at 16h00 is important too and then it is four hours until your 20h00 dinner of broccoli/aspergillums and fillet/chicken breast/hake.  Just before bed, you would have your slow-release protein shake, glutamine powder, BCAA powder, flax and SSN EFA.

Supplements as Part of Your Bodybuilding Nutrition

SSN manufactures some of the most effective and trusted bodybuilding supplements that have been used by bodybuilders for decades.  Among these are fat burners, anabolic supplements, protein shakes and supplements for muscle gain.  Here are a few of their products:


We can tell you all you need to know to start living your bodybuilding dreams, so contact us today for the ultimate bodybuilding nutrition and workout guide.


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