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The sport of bodybuilding is probably one of the sports that are the most stereotyped, for example, bodybuilders are all aggressive and most of them use steroids. The reality is however, and fortunately, different. This is not to say that there aren’t athletes who resort to illegal substances to reach their health goals. There is however an increased focus on the natural bodybuilder.  

The definition of the natural bodybuilder is an athlete who focuses on their innate abilities without using illegal substances like anabolic steroids and human growth hormones. Natural bodybuilders can however use nutritional supplements that are classified legal by the various bodies that govern the sport.  

The reason some athletes use illegal substances is to increase their testosterone levels. Testosterone is a steroid hormone and it has anabolic and androgenic qualities. It’s the main hormone that is responsible for the increase in lean muscle tissue, higher libido levels as well as energy, bone and immune function.  

The level of testosterone in men range between 350 and 1 000 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dl) and after the age of 40, this level drops by about 1% a year.


Factors that can decrease testosterone levels

There are a number of factors that can decrease the amount of testosterone in your body. By getting these factors under control, you may increase your testosterone levels:


Hennie Kotze can help you reach your goals

If you want to work on your path to being a natural bodybuilder, you should get into contact with Hennie Kotze. He is a champion bodybuilder that is strictly natural and only uses supplements to help build muscle.

If you want to be the best bodybuilder you can be, get in contact with Hennie today.


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Nutrition also plays a major role in strength training. Your diet and bodybuilding supplements have to be regulated and carefully planned out.

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Training Schedule

Throughout my bodybuilding career I would say a big challenge for me was to prove that conditioning rules and not size.

I train 5 to 6 days per week. I prefer to train 1 muscle group per day and I totally exhaust that group with 4 - 5 exercises.

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