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You can also have a body like fitness models


Say the word model and many people immediately think of names like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell or even Twiggy. However, fitness models are completely different. Where normal models are used for their ability to showcase clothing well, fitness models are there to show what you can achieve by focusing on your health and fitness.  

When compared to runway or fashion models, a fitness model would many times be heavier, but they would have better muscle definition, but not as much as a bodybuilder.  

To become a fitness model you obviously have to have a good physical shape, but remember, by working hard you can get a fitness model body. There are also fitness competitions, locally and internationally. In these competitions models also need to present their bodies in the best way possible, showing off their physique.


Do you want to get the body of a fitness model?

It doesn’t matter your shape or age, if you have made the decision to work at your body to get it into great shape, you can do it. Of course it will take hard work, but if you are determined you will get there.  

If you need some guidance to get you on the right path, Hennie Kotze is the first person you should contact. As a professional bodybuilder trainer and nutritional consultant, he will be able to give you firsthand advice on how to build and sculpt your body into what you have always wanted it to be.


Want to give other fitness models a run for their money? Get in contact with Hennie today.


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