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The right bodybuilding exercise will transform the way you look  

If you are following an exercise plan, there will normally be some form of weight training included in the programme. People exercising to lose weight should always have weight training included in their programme because through weight training they will burn more body fat. Bodybuilding exercise however is not so much focused on burning fat; the focus is rather on building and sculpting muscles that are attractive and symmetrical.  

Bodybuilding exercise has a strong focus on working with weights to constantly push muscles to their limits in an effort to increase their size.

Hennie Kotze is a leading South African bodybuilder who started his bodybuilding career in 1998 and competing professionally since 1999. Since then he has been highly placed in local and international competitions and he is the 2009 International Federation of Body Building and Fitness Mr SA.

He trains five to six days a week, and each day he focuses on a different set of muscles to exercise. The weight he manages is equally impressive:

Hennie’s tips for bodybuilding exercise are:

If you want the skills and expertise of Hennie to work for you, he is an accredited bodybuilder trainer who can help you reach your bodybuilding goals. To get started on your dream body, get in contact with Hennie today.



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Eat Smart!

Keeping fit is not just a fad - it's a way of life.

Nutrition also plays a major role in strength training. Your diet and bodybuilding supplements have to be regulated and carefully planned out.

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Training Schedule

Throughout my bodybuilding career I would say a big challenge for me was to prove that conditioning rules and not size.

I train 5 to 6 days per week. I prefer to train 1 muscle group per day and I totally exhaust that group with 4 - 5 exercises.

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Hennie Kotze would like to thank all his sponsors for their support over the years.

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